This Monologue Called Prayer…

Lord, I want to tell you that I need a lot of things. I want to tell you that what I asked for a month ago has not yet arrived. My throat has gotten better, thank you, but I wasn’t able to get a new car. And neither was I able to buy the new cell phone that I want so badly.

But don't worry, I can wait eight more days.

Ah, I forgot! They told me at work that they were going to start laying people off. Lord, you know that I work hard. Well, sometimes I'm lazy, but it's only because I need some rest, I’m sure you understand. So, I pray that they won't let me go. Let them lay off my coworker next to me, who's always asleep.

(Now I really have to go to the prayer meeting. If I go I´m sure we can join forces and convince the Lord to keep me from losing my job. I am his child, after all. Right?)

This is not a monologue invented out of "whole cloth." Let's be honest. How many times have we prayed for trivialities (and for important things) asking God, "your will be done," only if His will is the same as ours?

We have been taught poorly regarding prayer. Or perhaps we have "learned poorly" at our own convenience. Whenever we pray, many of us talk and talk and talk and ask and ask and ask, and then, at some point, we give thanks. But we forget that everything, and I mean everything, is for God; for his honor and glory. Including our prayers. Yes, our prayers must be for his glory! Have you not been told?

Here is a very interesting study about prayer with Paul Washer. You can see it here.

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