A Biblical Husband and Family | Paul Washer | Transcript

Now let me share something with you. There are a lot of people that are talking about family, family, family, family, integrated churches and things like this. Let me say something at the very beginning that is very important. The family is one thing, the church is another thing. You do not try to put the two together. God has ordained a family and he has given us rules with regard – principles and wisdom – with regard to how that family ought to function and what its purposes are, but God has also given us a church. And He has given us in Scripture what the purposes of church should be, how churches are supposed to function. We should not try to bring these two things together. We should not try to, say, bring family into church and make family more important than church or make church more important than family or bring the two together. No. We should just obey God with regard to what He says about the family and we should obey God with regard to what He says about the church. That's all. It is very, very simple. Now the two are not against one another. But they are two different institutions.

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Transcript by The Biblical Christian Translators Association
Transcript: Michelle Payne / jesuspaiditall@gmail.com
Proofreading: Haniela Hardut / hanielutza@yahoo.com

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